In HelaSteel Inc we’ve invested years of effort for quality control system development and systems are certified. Enterprise resource planning system’s ie. production’s, purchasing and network management developmet has been in noticeable position in the company. Also personnel’s training and work safety has been under special position, which makes HelaSteel the most wanted welding partner. HelaSteel is also a significant part of Cleantech company network. Cleantech briefly means kinds of techniques and solutions, which develop resources sustainable usage and lessen environmental impact.

Operations system

> ISO 9001

System covers all groups functionalities; marketing, sales, product development, buying, production and support functions.
Work health and safety (TTT) Has active development and goals are set up.

Enviromental system

> ISO 14001

HelaSteel Oy is bound to: obey regulations and current laws, acts; and currently widely accepted manners, methods or procedures and to minimize metal production’s environmental impact.

Supporting steel structures

> SFS-EN 1090
> ISO 3834-2

Welding act is being coordinated by production manager together with welding coordinator, which has responsibilities of welder’s education and maintaining their qualifications and welding development.

Welding coordinator’s qualification is assigned with enough experience and/or education.