Our strength is based on our own equipment and machinery, delivery network’s powerful cutting and surfacing services, personnel’s iron-hard craftmanship and uncompromising quality. Our customers end products are usually at places which require top notch quality.
In addition to traditional welding we’re supported with latest technology, which enables us to work with heavy and medium-heavy objects for delivering and finishing projects swiftly.


Automatic band saw
Semi-automatic band saws
Drill Machines

Welding machines

Weldingrobot Motoman + table
Weldingrobot Fanuc
MIG- and TIG-welding machines
300-500 A
Esab-saw head manipulators
5×5, 800 A

Paint shop

Powder paint shop, iron phosphate degreasing wash. Oven sizes
6,0 x 3,3 x 2,0 m
(length, height, width)

Punching machines

CNC-plate cutter Aliko 3012
(3 000 mm, 12 mm)
CNC-machine press Aliko
(3 000 mm, 220 tn)
Mangle Tesera
(3 000 mm, 20 mm)
(2 000 mm, 10 mm)

Rotating equipment

Multiple different size handling tools 400- 3500 kg.
Multiple different sizes of roller rounding machines 1000 – 40 000 kg


Bridge crane
capacity 500-20 000 kg
boom crane
capacity 500-1 000 kg
capacity 1 500-7 000 kg